Fault Finder 

"O/S error file currently open" The option can not be run multi-user. Close all other copies of the module and try again.

After any "line code" error, after making a note of the message, line code and program name press CTRL+J until it returns to the menu.

Before running any of the "Extract Index to ........" programs make sure that everybody is out of the Hire System.

No transactions/Account Balances Wrong    
End of Day Posting Run Fails to Complete with a line code error
From the Sales Ledger main menu press CTRL+R
Type SAL14 (if error occurred in Sales Ledger) or PUR14 (if error occurred in Sales Ledger) and press RETURN

No More Allocation Files
Run "Print Transaction allocations" from the Reports Menu. If the option is not on the menu CTRL+R and then Sal22 (for Sales Ledger) or PUR22 (for Purchase Ledger)

Payment has been posted to the wrong account
Re-enter the transactions putting -(minus) before the amount, post the batch, and then allocate the minus transaction to he original one.

Can Not Find a Customer or Supplier
Run "Sort Customer/Supplier Index" from "Main Menu"

"End of Day Posting" hangs or gives a line code error:
Run  NOM13 (CTRL+R)
Check version is 4.02, if not then an update is required

"End of year Update/Cleardown"
If you want to do a year end make sure that you have done the following:
    Printed all the account transactions - this can take a long time, firstly run "Contract Housekeeping" and then
    "Sort Trial Balance Index" (Option 1 or 2)
    You also need to know your "Brought Forward/Loss Account Number", we do not know this number
Next select the option "End of Year Update/Cleardown"
The ledger balance is checked and if not 0 it will not continue.
Once the "End of Year " is complete call Integrated Solutions to finish the procedure.

Run Sales Ledger End of Day or No More Transaction Files
Run the Sales Ledger "End of Day Posting Run" option from the main menu.

Possibly no More Disc Space or Only nnn More Records Errow DW
Takes a Long Time to Add Items to the Contract Screen
Run "Remove Completed Contracts" from the "System Maintenance" menu, we recommend a minimum of 3 months with 6 months the preferred.

O/S Error on drive: file already open - Halt Batch Process Y/N
There are other similar messages
The program requires exclusive use of ALL files. Ensure that there are no other users in the same file, then Y to halt the batch process and re-run the option.

Data Error (re) Line Code nnn or Date Error (er) Line Code nnn
When Doing Contract Maintenance
Run "Extract Index to Plant" followed by "Extract Index to Contracts" from the "Utilities Menu"

Data Error (re) Line Code nnn or Data Error (er) Line Code nnn
When Doing Plant or Sundry Register Maintenance
Run "Extract Index to Plant" from the "Utilities Menu"

Sundries/Accessories Appear Linked to Wrong Plant Items
Run "Extract Fleet Linked Items " from the "Utilities Menu" CAN TAKE A LONG TIME

Unable to Find Plant/Fleet/Sundry Items That Are Known to Be There
Run "Extract Index to Plant" from the "Utilities Menu"

Contracts Show No Items or Customers
Run "Extract Index to Customers " from the "Utilities Menu"

Whilst Running "Hire History Report" or "Fleet Earnings Report" get Data Error
Run "Extract Index to Hire History" from the "Utilities Menu"

Whilst Running other Reports get Data Error
Run the relevant utility i.e. "Extract Index to Contracts" or "Extract Index to Plant" from the "Utilities Menu"
If Costing Data ("Fleet Earnings Report") is involved run the options "Extract Index to Costing File " from the "Costing Menu"

Any "Costing System" Data Error 
Run "Extract Index to Costing File " from the "Costing Menu"

Off Hires
To Put Any Item Back on Hire
Provided that it has not been invoiced, place the cursor on the "QTY Returned" and press CTRL+A

Sales Items Do Not Invoice on "Weekly Invoice Run"
Check that they have been off-hired correctly and the off-hire data is correct.

Sales Items Do Not Invoice
Check that they have not been marked as returned and the off-hire QTY is the same as the on-hire.

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