Hire Invoicing Upgrade
(Latest Version 4.21b)

Ledgers Upgrade 
(New Version From Main Screen)
(Latest Version 4.1)

(includes Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers)

Cash Book Upgrade 

Sales Stock Control Upgrade 

Free Format Invoicing Upgrade  

Purchase Orders Processing Upgrade

Instructions: Click on the Upgrade that you require, on File Download choose the 'Open' option. Make sure that you have a floppy disk in your A drive. Once this has finished opening a new box will appear asking which file you want to expand it to, this will be C:\TIBUSUPD, accept this setting. A new message will come up asking for a password, please phone TIBUS on 01635 872128 to get the password. Another window will open, follow the on screen instructions, it will ask if you want to format the diskette in drive A, if it is not already formatted say Y otherwise say N and the upgrade will be copied on to the disk. Now insert this in to the A drive of your server and type at the C prompt A:INSTALL.

NB: This download procedure will currently not work on Windows 2000 or XP.