The Costing and Testing module allows records of the cost of each fleeted item to be recorded and control to be maintained over testing and safety requirements. Fully integrated with the Hire Invoicing Module.

Main features are :

Up to 45 tests may be defined
Each test result can be Pass, Fail, Result
Fleet items may have up to 15 tests attached
COPY facility allows tests to be allocated quickly and consistently
Records and reports on the following dates :
Next service
Load test
Vehicle tax
Vehicle MOT
Plus two user defined
Controls include :
Automatically resets test requirement after off-hire
Warns if item being hired requires testing
Report for on and off hired items requiring testing
General service report for MOT etc.
Test certificate facilities include :
Automatically generates test certificate numbers
Prints certificate number on contracts
Printing of certificates is optional
Certificates may be reprinted at any time
Cost and Earnings facilities include :
Parts and labour costs
Cost/Earnings report