The Tibus Sales Stock Control module is fully integrated with the Hire Invoicing and Free Format Invoicing modules.

Allows information to be recorded about sale items and consumables including :

Suppliers to use
Cost prices
Sales price
Unit of sale
Minimum stock level

Stock levels are adjusted when :

Items are sold or returned
Goods are received
Stock adjustments are made

If there are multiple branches a stock figure is maintained for each branch

Reports include :

Stock movements
Stock evaluation showing the Free Stock, Book Stock, Sale and Cost Prices, Current Value
Stock Reference Book


Allows entry, printing and control of Purchase Orders. Integrates with :

The Sales Stock module for prices and item descriptions.
The Purchase Ledger for Supplier information

Main features are :

Entry and Printing of Purchase Orders including :
Supplier details
Order and delivery date
Special instruction, methods of dispatch and carriage/packing may be specified
Number of items on order
Details of items including :
Item number
Order quantity
List Price
Cost Price
Entry of Goods Received
Report or Enquire on outstanding Purchase Orders
Print recommended stock orders
Allows specification of permitted methods of carriage etc.